UCL Lecture this evening – Article 50: Secrets and Lies

A short blogpost to highlight the lecture I am giving this evening, on Article 50. It is based on a paper written with Dr Eleni Frantziou (Westminster). The lecture will be live-streamed here, and will continue to be available on the UCL Youtube channel.

We advocate a reading of Article 50 in line with EU constitutional law principles.  There is more to the article than meets the eye, and the lecture will reveal some secrets, and some lies – or ‘alternative facts’. These include:

  • how Article 50 was not hastily drafted, or never intended to be used
  • that the decision to withdraw is revocable
  • that there is no compelling legal need for separate agreements: one on withdrawal, and on the future relationship
  • that the need to have all Member States ratify the agreements is doubtful
  • that the UK and EU Parliaments must have a meaningful say at the end of the negotiations, and are able to ask for further negotiations
  • that the two-year deadline is suspended to allow this
  • that the EU is under an obligation to protect existing rights, and has little leeway in the negotiations on those rights

One thought on “UCL Lecture this evening – Article 50: Secrets and Lies

  1. I hope your lecture went well. Working as a Portishead accountant, my clients are suffering troubled times. I am working more hours than before, both giving advice to my clients as well as keeping up to date on the very latest news.


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